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Alverno Heights Academy, Sierra Madre, CA
(All girls, K-12th grade, Catholic, 177 students)
Contact: Hoku Janbazian, (626) 355-3463 x224

Benedictine H.S., Cleveland, OH
(All boys, K-12th grade, Catholic, 419 students)
Contact: Richard Salem, (216) 421-2080

Bishop Moore Catholic H.S., Orlando, FL
(Coed, K-12th grade, Catholic, 1500 students)
Contact: Mrs. Funston, (407) 293-7561 x299

Cantwell Sacred Heart of Mary, Montebello, CA
(Coed, 9-12th grade, Catholic, 500 students)
Contact: Robert Fraley, (323) 887-2066

Cathedral High School, Los Angeles, CA
(Coed, 9–12th grade, Catholic, 734 students)
Contact: Sulema Modesto, (562) 920-1734

Central Catholic High School, Modesto, CA
(Coed, 9-12th grade, Catholic, 375 students)
Contact: Theresa Hubert, (209) 524-9611

Christopher Columbus High School, Miami, FL
(Coed, 9-12th grade, Catholic, 1400 students)
Contact: Pedro Garcia-Casals, (305) 223-5650

Donovan Catholic, Toms River, NJ
(Coed, 9-12th grade, Catholic, 685 students)
Contact: Karin Krenek (732) 349-8801

Faith Lutheran M.S. & H.S., Las Vegas, NV
(Coed, K-12th grade, Lutheran, 2058 students)
Contact: Scott Fogo, (702) 804-4400

Faith West Academy, Katy, TX
(Coed, K–12th grade, Christian, 599 students)
Contact: Jeanna Bickerstaff, (281) 391-5683 x236

Father Ryan High School, Nashville, TN
(Coed, 9–12th grade, Catholic, 928 students)
Contact: Andrew Cupit, (615) 383-4200

King’s Way Christian Schools, Vancouver, WA
(Coed, K–12th grade, Christian, 902 students)
Contact: Valerie Coval, (306) 816-1223

Mary Star of the Sea High School, San Pedro, CA
(Coed, 9-12th grade, Catholic, 523 students)
Contact: Michael Marinkovich, (310) 547-1138

Moreau Catholic High School, Hayward, CA
(Coed, 9-12th grade, Catholic, 946 students)
Contact: Mary McInerney, (510) 332-6769

Ravenscroft School, Raleigh, NC
(Coed, K–12th grade, Independent, 1165 students)
Contact: Maria Ramusevic, (919) 847-0900

Scottsdale Christian Academy, Phoenix, AZ
(Coed, 9–12th grade, Christian, 787 students)
Contact: Kay Hewitt, (602) 992-5100 x1159

St. Francis High School, Wheaton, IL
(Coed, 9–12th grade, Catholic, 808 students)
Contact: Cindy Johnson, (630) 668-5800 x1100

St. John Vianney High School, Holmdel, NJ
(Coed, 9–12th grade, Catholic, 1008 students)
Contact: Susan Conrad, (732) 739-0800

Valley Christian High School, San Jose, CA
(Coed, K-12th) grade, Christian, 1600 students)
Contact: Linda Brogden, (408) 517-2427

Village Christian Schools, Sun Valley, CA
(Coed, k-12th grade, Christian, 968 students)
Contact: Contact: Ray Endacott, (818) 767-8382

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