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Varsity Tutors helps you connect with the right tutor for your needs. Experience the cutting edge learning technology online or in person. Get started with a personalized learning plan and choose from three different learning styles: 

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“Tutoring makes a BIG difference. Studies have shown that tutoring can lift average students to the 98th percentile. And for high achievers, tutoring has proven to improve scores across all grade levels.”

-Varsity Tutors

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Varsity Tutors is committed to connecting you with top tutors, offering outstanding experience. Each and every tutor is selected through face-to-face interviews, background and experience checks. Varsity Tutors offers a Comprehensive Satisfaction Guarantee. This means that if you’re not fully satisfied with your tutor after the initial session, Varsity Tutors will help you identify a tutor who will be a better fit.

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